Sunday, August 29, 2010

Even clumsy birds fly free....

I was thinking the other day that "freedom" means a lot to me.  Besides "love" it's up there on the scale of importance.  My business partner bought my part in the furniture store so I'm free to ponder at the crossroads, breathe free for a while.  I love spending the day without schedule or obligations.  Get up in my jammies and sit down at the computer or in my studio and do all the things I love to do.  Creativity of all kinds flow freely in an relaxed body and mind.  That's how we're meant to live--Free!

I'm the queen of my own domain so to speak, not some CEO or other boss, or a friend telling me what they think I should be doing.  When I don't have to be some place at a certain time, I can listen to my intuition and go with the flow.  People's intuition has been clouded for centuries due to schedules and obligations.  I'm not against those per se, but they only work if we love what we do.  I have given way too many years to jobs and careers that I didn't love, but I've also worked for years with things I do love, and I intend to stay that way now. Let my God-given gifts rule!  Be my own boss, create income where I can be my own boss, and continue with my two greatest passions, art and writing!

We have made it so difficult for ourselves as we struggle in this world of unceasing toil.  Do you think that was the purpose for coming here when we were given that first breath at birth?  I think we were meant to be free and follow that guidance inside.  That part was never acknowledged though.  Sadly, it gets completely covered up as we go through school.

I have been writing a lot, but I snuck in some art last week.  I made a mini book for the Cloth Paper Scissors' challenge.  The front and back covers are cardboard with lots of collage and paint. The inside covers are hand-painted fabric.  I sewed some brown paper bag pages inside, and it became an artistic goal setting journal for 2011.  I have a friend who is a fantastic artist, but she always shortchanges herself with her art.  Making money is more important than her creative expression.  I can understand the necessity of a regular paycheck, but the choice to always put that first comes from fear.  It may be an excuse not to create.  There's no real security in a regular paycheck, just as the job could be gone tomorrow.  I have friends who work regular jobs and still manage to create every day, but they are the exception.  She's getting the book for Christmas!  :)
What's your most cherished word?


A Creative Dream... said...

Ah, Maria, congrats to you! To live in a world where you can do as you please when you please must be a wonderful thing... Sadly, for most of us, if we want to have a roof over our head and food in our bellies, we can't always go without that regular paycheck. Even if we follow our inner guide... heaven knows I try to, and I create from the heart all the time... but apparently it is not my destiny to be able to earn my living at it. Folks love receiving it, but, they don't seem to love it enough to support my work by buying it.

Now, that being said, there is a very positive aspect to that as well. I create simply to create. I get to enjoy doing whatever I please without worrying about whether someone will buy it or not. And I am lucky enough to have that regular pay check to pay the bills... so it balances.

To me, I think that is my favorite word... "balance"... I find when I work to achieve balance in my life, my world is a wonderful place.

I can't wait to see all the creativity from you now that you have such a wonderful opportunity to enjoy it!

Maria said...

Hi June, you're one of those people who is an artist and you produce constantly even though you have a regular job. That is love and dedication, and you know what is important. I love the word balance as well.

p said...

super cool mini.
love the hand painted fabrics.

Maria said...

Thank you P! I checked out your website and there are LOTS of goodies there.

T said...

A real direction happening here, Great to see the creative you.


Maria said...

Thanks, T! Your blog is always a fountain of inspiration.

RekindleMe said...

So happy for you, Maria!! The best to you in your new found 'freedom!' It sounds as though you are off to a great start!!!

My favorite word is 'family.' Especially now as I get older, I realize that I have lived so far away for so long, and I'm not sure if I am as comfortable with that now!

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your life as a CEO in jammies!!! :)

Maria said...

Sharon, 'family' is a great word. I've lived far away from mine for a loooong time, and like you said, the older you get you miss them more.

Kelly said...

I'm so happy for you, getting to do just what you truly want to do all day. I hope all your future plans unfold just perfectly.
Love the new art collage. What a good friend you are.