Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dreamworld with a heart...

I painted this intuitively seeing the figures emerging out of random color application.  I love it when I can see things in the paint and then enhance them to mean something.  One of the figures has a heart, and I added the word peace, since that's something we're all looking for, right?  I think I have a different style of painting emerging! 

I sold a painting at the exhibit at Easy Street and I painted Dreamworld to hang in that spot.  Looks great there.  It'll be up on etsy shortly. 

The first azaleas of the season are in bloom!  I love Florida... 

And the lone red bud tree in the yard is blooming.  At least I think it's a red bud.

The neighbors have a horse paddock back there, but the horse was in her stall eating, so no photogenic picture of her--Sara.  I will take one though; she's adorable.  She likes me because I spoil her with treats.  Speaking of horses, check out this Youtube video about a really smart horse.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crazy lots of detail....

I just finished a painting/mixed media that I've been working on for a couple of years, a bit doodling  here and there.  I could never make up my mind if I liked it or not, and I still can't...  I do love my white birds that appear a lot in my art, and I love bumble bees.  These "B52" size bumblers somehow fly by divine grace. :-D  Monarch butterflies are so pretty so I had to have one in there too, and a heart on the tree because everyone knows that trees have heart.  There's an inspirational saying on the trunk that goes: "Sow the seed of Love, and you will be rewarded with the most incredible feeling of love dancing in your heart."  Those pearls of wisdom are by my spiritual inspiration Maharaji, wopg.org  The ultimate law is love, and everything in nature goes by that law (even predators.)  Maybe we're taking a page from them?  Things may be getting worse, but REALLY, they are getting better!  My cup is definitely half full...  :)

Below is an older painting but also with lots of detail.  I don't recall posting this one, but I had a similar painting, a larger one that sold for good money!  This is inspired by Island art, especially Haitian.  I love using the bright colors with the turquoises and the pinks. Wear sunglasses while viewing!

Keep on creating!  xoxo

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More showings locally...

Hung some of my art at Easy Street Home Decor here in town.   I hadn't planned on it, but the artist whose month it was had another obligation, so voila, I spent an evening putting wire on some of my art, and then took it into town the following day!  There's a mixture of old and new, very different styles.  It's interesting to see the progress of  HAVING FUN, which art is to me.

Wild and wacky colors...

A friend of mine came in as I was hanging the art and saw my moon painting.  There wasn't really room for it, so I gave it to him as a belated Christmas present!  All of these are pretty much mixed media.

My latest painting: Joyous Birds

"Inchies"  Embroidered puffy fabric squares on mixed media canvas.  I made a very rustic narrow white frame for it.  Now it stands out from the wall.