Monday, April 11, 2011

Soul Collage class...

I taught a soul collage class yesterday, and it was fabulous!  Everyone made great collages, which I knew they would.  We began with a short meditation to get in touch with our inner flow and off they went into a creative wave that did not end until the last layer of varnish had been applied.  I always hear "I'm not creative" or "I could never make" or "I don't know how to draw."  EVERYONE is creative; it's only a matter of getting in touch with that creative flow and someone to help you get past the first daunting hurdle of a blank canvas.  Here are some pictures of the event.

 Ann-Gayl with her sunny creation.

Spring feelings with JoAnne.

Happy place made by Monica.

Spiritual by Kari.

Lots of fun by Bonnie.

Tom had lots of fun too.  

Filled with ideas by Patty/

Shannon the gracious hostess!  She gave us spring feelings as well. :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three little birdies...

Since we last "spoke" we've had the Invasion of the Catepillers here.  They denuded lots of trees of all their leaves except for tufts on the highest branches.  I had thousands (not exaggerating) on my front porch, around the front door and in the ceiling.  I swept them away and two hours later a new batch would fill the space.  This went on for two weeks, but now they have abated.  Whew...  No critter ate these things.  I guess they become some type of moth.  We get them every year, but this year was like the locust swarm in the Bible.  Nature trying to balance herself??  Toyed with the idea of taking some pictures of them, but I don't want to gross you out.
Instead I'm posting a picture of my latest art work, The Birds.  No, not the 60s band, but some fantasy birds that had their origin in my twisted mind.  This is mixed media with lots of layers that don't show up well in the picture.