Friday, November 20, 2015

Doodle mania!

Hello oh gorgeous reader,

I had planned to make a cool "raw" video about an art journal spread made without any kind of plan. It's very freeing to make art that way. All pressure is off and I don't care how it turns out.

Anyway, I ended up doodling like I do when I talk on the phone, just at a larger scale. I find it meditative to doodle without a care in the world.

Can't say I was super thrilled with the end result but it turned out "happy." I always loved bright colors as you can see. I'm glad the vibe is happy because art makes me happy always. I do have expectations but I'm relying less and less on the outcome of my art these days.

I'm having more fun as a result. I made a video of the Doodle Mania art spread. You can watch it HERE.

 I hope you're making time for some art!
Happy Thanksgiving!!


P.S. I wrote a blog post about gratitude on my motivational art blog. You can check it out HERE.