Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creative ideas taking flight...

Got myself into a collage last night, and it was FUN! I was going to paint, but I had this collage that had been partially finished sitting around. I got the idea on how to finish it, so I went for it. Sometimes it takes time to get a piece just the way you like it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Morning walk...

On my morning walk I saw some cool things (all in my backyard.)

This is the leaf of the potato vine, a very invasive vine that smothers everything around here, but isn't the leaf so very pretty? Like a heart.

This is some sort of fungi. The ground is full of them, and they look really cool. There's an ants' nest in the middle. This is a good view of FL soil, SAND, SAND, and more SAND. I live 6 miles from the sea...

Bailey goes with me on my walks, sometimes somewhat hump-backed to protect his underbelly from the "stick tights" that are abounding. Some kind of seed that sticks to everything. One time I got the bottom of my pants covered with them, so instead of picking them off I decided to wash the pants, but the stickies were still there after the wash!

This is Beautyberry. Aren't these brightly magenty berries gorgeous? Every fall there are clusters and clusters of them, but I never see any birds eat them. Maybe they are just for beauty, as the name suggests..

Cheerios and Chex mix until the next time!

You have star quality...

I've been somewhat busy, but not really. I made a star mirror these last couple of nights... You have star quality! All of my friends are stars, all shiny and good! :) Some are even cosmic...

The image in the mirror is the underside of the overhanging tin roof at the shop where I paint furniture. It protects my paint booth from rain, though there are some rust spot holes.

Weather is cooling off, in the forties last night. Brrrr. My tomatos are really going brrrr. They don't like temperatures under 50. They will wear sheets tonight.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shabby chic mosaic table

Here's a table I made some time ago, and that I would love to sell. I used blue and pink Willow pattern china and yellow-and-white china in this piece, and it's a square vintage pedestal table. The top measures 18x18" and it's 26" high.
I might put it on etsy...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Spider alert!

I don't mind spiders at all, and here in FL we have lots and lots, small, medium and large. Then there is the extra large. Here a picture of the lovely Banana spider, which is 2 inches from back toe to front toe. It's harmless and weaves the most beautiful shimmering, layers and cone shaped webs that are really strong.

According to Native American legend, the spider is the "story teller" so if a spider shows up in your life, maybe it's time to tell some stories, or write them down!? Mother Nature is the most incredible artist, isn't she? The very best!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have been lazy...

This blog is a good way to stay motivated. Usually I don't lack motivation for making art, but I only made two mosaic tile boxes this and last week. I've got a foster cat that I'll be taking care of for 3 months, so that has been an adjustment in the home. Fortunately Bailey likes her, but there's still some skirmishing going on, and some growling, mostly over my lap, or over food! She's a very sweet cat though, Tabby. I call her Tabby-too (don't ask me why...) She's a fearless, self-confident female, a great role model!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My doodling journal...

I have been doooing a lot of dooodling lately in my sketchbook/journal. Sometimes doodles offer the best new ideas! Doodles are pretty much "wild" though I sometimes see themes of symbols, like spirals or stars. Doodling while talking on the phone can bring out some really pretty vines of flowers or leaves, or strange faces. Maybe the subconscious is set free while the conscious mind is concentrating on the phone? The angel bird started on this page, but I haven't finished the painting. I like to write inspiring words to myself as well as they come. Sometimes a picture will offer the words.