Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm so bummed out!

This whole disaster with the oil spill in the Gulf has me spitting nails!  How was that ever allowed, and why do I feel so helpless about doing something about it?  How can we as people just stand by and allow things like that to pass the various channels that say "go ahead, drill for some $$$ in the Gulf, no matter what."  They didn't put a "safety" on the drill, because they didn't have to.  It saved them $ 500,000, but that is now killing, and is about to kill countless sea life, not to mention fouling the air with oily smoke and soiling the beaches.  As if the Gulf isn't polluted enough as it is.   This is crazy!!!!!  What were we thinking?  I say we, because we're all in this madness together!  I just want to stop the abuse to the planet, animals, and plants, and people. 

Sorry, getting off my soap box.  :(  Today, I'm ashamed of being part of this super STUPID species called mankind.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reading a GREAT book...

This is a great book and not what you think: THE ARCHITECTURE OF ALL ABUNDANCE, by Lenedra Carroll.  She's the mother of singer Jewel.   It's about how to live an abundant life that is in total alignment with our soul purpose.  Here's a link to the book on Amazon, so that you can check it over.  It's not about how to make more money, but how to make a better LIFE.  :)  I'm riveted!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eclectic Visions of an Altered Journey...

Happy Earth Day everyone!  I have sent loving thoughts to my Mother, Earth Gaia, today, in gratitude for the wonders she presents every day of my life.  I try to walk lightly on your green skin, Mom.  I also sent my love to Father Sun so that he feels appreciated as well!  :)  Without you two, there would be no journey, no experience of living on this beautiful planet.

I sent prayers for help for all the starving and sick children in the world.  It's not necessary if we all come together in support instead of living in separation.  There's plenty of food and medicine for these kids to be healthy!  I wish for housing and food for everyone and that we can come together as one family, in peace.  In the new world there's peace, harmony, abundance for all, and everyone is able to follow their passion and is supported in accomplishing their dream.  In the new world, we are focused on the HEART! :)

And I've been following this wonderful blog for a while.  Linda makes the most incredible collages in Sydney Australia.  We do live in a global village, don't we?  Check out her blog Eclectic Visions of an Altered Journey.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Art Walk in Brooksville...

Woo, we had a great time at the Art Walk in Brooksville.  I'm part of Hernando POP (People of Passion) and we teach art classes in the area, my part being mixed media collage.  I call it Soul Art 'cause it comes from intuitive prompts rather than painting from a picture or scenery.  Anyway, we were pitching our classes, and right next to us, or really surrounding us, were THREE FLORIDA HIGHWAYMAN PAINTERS!!!  Yes, I know I'm yelling, but how could I not with such fame all around me!!!?  One of them, Roy McLendon Sr., is one of the original gang who used to paint pictures and sell them along the highways of Florida.  They are of course BIG in this state, and PBS has done fabulous documentaries about them.  Wowsa!  Check out the pictures!  There are lots of them, and we (POP) really had a lot of interest from prospective students.  Such a great day!!  And the weather was perfect.

I'm wearing face paint at the art walk, but had to take a picture before I washed it off.

Setting up the booth:  Karen Heidler, water colorist extraordinaire, and Evie Harper (to the right) sculptress.

Lynne setting up the booth.

Johnny Stovall, Highwayman painter!

More arranging at the booth!

Johnny Stovall by his art

He smiled just for me! :)

Roy McLendon Sr. original Highwayman Painter.  LOVE his face!

Roy McLendon Sr's art.  It pulled you right in.

This is Jimmy Stovall's art.  He's Johnny's twin brother.  The camera didn't do the colors justice.  They are SUPERB!

Jimmy Stovall, Florida Highwayman painter

Lynny looks as if she's about to hit someone with an easel... :)

Lynne and Evie are setting up the booth... the pictures are somewhat scrambled.

A couple of my collages, and Lynne's in the back (the sun-drenched one..)

Karen Heidler and our POPpa, Gus Guadaginino, a local tycoon, who spearheaded POP from the start.

The Blues Brothers... or sisters, really.  Lynne and Evie.  They do look like sisters, don't they?

Roy McLendon Sr. painting...

Lots of art affectionadas...

What a great day!   We filled up all of our email list sheets, and handed out gazillion flyers for classes.  ART RULES!  :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New bracelet...

I was trying to come up with something more interesting than my latest jewelry project, but times have been "more of the same" lately, so I haven't had any hot ideas!  So, here's DREAM!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Azaleas, cats, collage in progress...and finished!

I have a medley of pictures today.  The azaleas have been going bonkers outside, so I got some real close-ups.  I might have posted some last spring, but you don't remember that. :)  Then of course there are the cats, Bailey my "heart throb" and Tabby the neighboring "ham."  They get into everything.

I finished my mermaid collage and put it in that old window.  The collage is fabric that I painted with my hands, literally, and then applied more fabric and paint on top of that.  The face is wholly painted with acrylic paints.  She looks happy, doesn't she?  Why wouldn't she in a warm sea among the fishes... :)