Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eclectic Visions of an Altered Journey...

Happy Earth Day everyone!  I have sent loving thoughts to my Mother, Earth Gaia, today, in gratitude for the wonders she presents every day of my life.  I try to walk lightly on your green skin, Mom.  I also sent my love to Father Sun so that he feels appreciated as well!  :)  Without you two, there would be no journey, no experience of living on this beautiful planet.

I sent prayers for help for all the starving and sick children in the world.  It's not necessary if we all come together in support instead of living in separation.  There's plenty of food and medicine for these kids to be healthy!  I wish for housing and food for everyone and that we can come together as one family, in peace.  In the new world there's peace, harmony, abundance for all, and everyone is able to follow their passion and is supported in accomplishing their dream.  In the new world, we are focused on the HEART! :)

And I've been following this wonderful blog for a while.  Linda makes the most incredible collages in Sydney Australia.  We do live in a global village, don't we?  Check out her blog Eclectic Visions of an Altered Journey.


A Creative Dream... said...

I think those are wonderful prayers Maria, I say similar ones every day. My vision of what the world could be is so different than what it is...I hope I add my part to help it heal.

I'm off to check out the site you've recommended.

Kelly said...

You have the biggest heart, Maria. And you are completely right, there is enough. There's a new world on its way, and it will get here one day.
Lots of love to you. xoKelly