Saturday, April 17, 2010

Art Walk in Brooksville...

Woo, we had a great time at the Art Walk in Brooksville.  I'm part of Hernando POP (People of Passion) and we teach art classes in the area, my part being mixed media collage.  I call it Soul Art 'cause it comes from intuitive prompts rather than painting from a picture or scenery.  Anyway, we were pitching our classes, and right next to us, or really surrounding us, were THREE FLORIDA HIGHWAYMAN PAINTERS!!!  Yes, I know I'm yelling, but how could I not with such fame all around me!!!?  One of them, Roy McLendon Sr., is one of the original gang who used to paint pictures and sell them along the highways of Florida.  They are of course BIG in this state, and PBS has done fabulous documentaries about them.  Wowsa!  Check out the pictures!  There are lots of them, and we (POP) really had a lot of interest from prospective students.  Such a great day!!  And the weather was perfect.

I'm wearing face paint at the art walk, but had to take a picture before I washed it off.

Setting up the booth:  Karen Heidler, water colorist extraordinaire, and Evie Harper (to the right) sculptress.

Lynne setting up the booth.

Johnny Stovall, Highwayman painter!

More arranging at the booth!

Johnny Stovall by his art

He smiled just for me! :)

Roy McLendon Sr. original Highwayman Painter.  LOVE his face!

Roy McLendon Sr's art.  It pulled you right in.

This is Jimmy Stovall's art.  He's Johnny's twin brother.  The camera didn't do the colors justice.  They are SUPERB!

Jimmy Stovall, Florida Highwayman painter

Lynny looks as if she's about to hit someone with an easel... :)

Lynne and Evie are setting up the booth... the pictures are somewhat scrambled.

A couple of my collages, and Lynne's in the back (the sun-drenched one..)

Karen Heidler and our POPpa, Gus Guadaginino, a local tycoon, who spearheaded POP from the start.

The Blues Brothers... or sisters, really.  Lynne and Evie.  They do look like sisters, don't they?

Roy McLendon Sr. painting...

Lots of art affectionadas...

What a great day!   We filled up all of our email list sheets, and handed out gazillion flyers for classes.  ART RULES!  :)


A Creative Dream... said...

Wow Maria, it looks like you had such fun! I hope you got tons of people interested in the classes...wish I were closer so I could attend!

jude said...

hey thanks for the comment on my blog and good luck with the class!

Kelly said...

What a great day and a fun time for you! It's always wonderful to spend time with like-minded people, isn't it?