Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cramped roots...

I have a very tall tropical plant with three "trunks" and an umbrella of greenery at the top.  I got this plant from a woman's house where there had been no outdoor light, all curtains drawn at all times.  The plant was spindly and pale, and about two feet tall, with two anemic stems.  I just put it in a sunny window and before long, it started to stretch upward and out, turning a deep green again, and adding a third stem.  I so enjoyed watching the transformation of this humble plant.  Over the last eight years, I've re-potted it a couple of times.  I talk to it and stroke its leaves every so often, just to spread the good vibes. :)  It did not enjoy my last move to the next county, but it has started coming around.  I moved it to a shady spot away from the bright sunlight.

Lately, it has been in a too-small pot, and I had to tie the plant to a tree so that it would not fall over during windy days.  Roots were coming up out of the top.  I needed a very large pot and a friend gave me a dirty old plastic one that had been discarded in her yard.  I scrubbed this solid pot well, and drilled five holes in the bottom.

I told the plant my plan to re-pot it and asked it to prepare itself.  I firmly believe that plants have feelings, and I treat them with respect.  Got some nice soil and partly filled the pot.  Then I went to work on the tangled roots and pruned them severely.  I have to say there was barely any soil left in the pot (shame on me.)  I got the root ball into the fresh soil, and now the plant stands tall and proud.  I know there will be no trauma because it had time to prepare itself.  (I know it sounds crazy, but that's just the way it is.)  The tallest trunk of this plant is now at about eight feet tall.  I told it that the next time it gets replanted, it'll go into the ground.

In the old pot, I planted a grouping of pansies.  They are great winter flowers here in Florida since they can withstand cold snaps, and they don't like heat.  They will grow spectacular until June of next year...  I love pansies, especially the yellow ones.

I never thought to take pictures of this event.  Why am I telling you this story?  Sometimes our own pots grow too crowded and tight.  Have you ever heard a plant complain?  They make do even if they have to coil their roots in thick bundles at the bottom of the pot.  It's not natural or right, but they have a strong will to survive.  Humans are just like that too.  No matter how difficult the circumstances might be for growth, we find a way to make it happen.

I feel as if my creative wings are somewhat clipped, or buried deep into an airless pot, but I do keep after my art journal pages like a life line to the time when I can really spread my wings freely and take flight.

Actually, without any drama, all I really have to do is to take my big canvases outside and use the lawn as a table.  I don't have to worry too much about flinging paint around.  Lawns are very forgiving that way.  I like painting big.

So, the point is: make the best of every situation because life will prevail and there will always be someone kind to prune your roots and find the best sunny spot for a new life, new growth.  New expression, even if the canvas happens to be small.  I wake up every morning and pull in the feeling of gratitude.  Humility and gratitude go hand in hand.  Those two qualities might be the gifts from growing in a pot that is too small for your roots.

Some day soon there will be pansy pictures here... Until then, just picture them in your mind....  ;)

Happy creating!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Prayer flags...

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I decided to make some prayer flags for the holidays, stitching and printing each with mindfulness, and placing my intention for the future for myself and the whole world into these scraps of fabric.  I had a lot of fun putting them together, and I decided a red ribbon would be auspicious for sending the prayers out with great energy.  I strung them all on the ribbon and sewed a stitch or two to hold them in place.  It was a great pleasure to see them hanging in the old orange tree and waving in the wind.  I think the wind kicked up just for me... ;)   I wish for all of these following qualities to overrun the entire earth!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Art journaling with prompts

It has been so long since I posted.  I've been busy with everything but art.  This orchid flowered for the longest time by my gate.  Isn't it pretty?  I don't know what kind it is. Below those pictures is a lunch I made for myself... a yummy colorful salad.  Veggies make good pictures due to their vibrant colors.

Art-wise I've had some inspiration at times.  I did purchase the book The Art Journaling Workshop by Traci Bunkers, and I enjoy it a lot.  The book comes with a DVD. There are of course descriptions about materials and procedures.  I really like the prompts she uses.  I haven't gotten through them all, but here are some samples:

The prompt for this one was Get Out of Your Own Way.  I started on one side.  She suggests layers of paint and writing about the subject when needed, and then paint over that if you want it to stay private.  The opposite page I added on my own in response to the prompt. 

This prompt was Purging.  Well, there's a lot to purge.  I vented on the pages, and then I painted over them.  You can still see some writing peeking through.  I added more writing on top.  The peacock is from a greeting card, so the copyright belongs to someone else.  

This one is not from a prompt.  I just winged the sentiment of healthy eating here... :)

Gratitude was the prompt here.  I added all the people, pets, and things I'm grateful for and then added that gratitude is an inside job.  I used some old paperback pages that I glued on and distressed.  I added some old stamps and cutouts as embellishment.
I've been using Omni gel to get some transfers.  They come out ok but are pretty frail around the edges.

What have you been working on?  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Full moon and a bowl of cherries...

Don't you just love all of summer's bounty, be it fruit or veggie?  Got some super sweet, ripe cherries, and they melted in my mouth.  That was all I had for dinner that night, and then I went out and snapped the full moon draped with clouds.  It was a magical evening... 

Life is good.... 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nature's Bounty... painting/collage

This is a commission I just finished, and the lady is very happy with it.  Yay!  Commissions are not easy because you tread a fine line between what you want to paint, and what they want.  But, all you can do is your best and hope they like it.  It's always a challenge, and as far as I know, challenges are good! :)

Nature's Bounty:

Then there's the real nature's bounty, a frangipani I snapped in the back yard.  So pretty! 

Enjoying the summer and her bounty of flowers and other gorgeous expressions....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A little of this a little of that...

Creatively I've been in a drought for what seems like forever, but I managed to finish something today.  Yay!  I also took some pictures on my trip...my two nieces and their babies.  So cute.  The back yard has a few flowers, so I snapped some colorful pictures in the very hot afternoon.  Summer is upon us here in Florida!  Not so muggy yet, but very hot.  I don't mind it; rather hot than cold I say...

Check out the pictures!

THE MESSENGER mixed media 12x12"

 Little Klara

We like a handy man in the kitchen.  Claes can cook!

Florian and Isabella

Florian 2 years old

Crab apple tree

Buddha plant


Alamanda vine

It was a bit windy out so the pictures are not truly sharp, but enjoy the colors! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The most AMAZING mosaic wall...

You must check this out.  Michelle Legler, mosaic artist in Arizona created this masterpiece.  Her blog is fantastic as well...  HERE... enjoy!

Monday, March 19, 2012

New blog!

Hey folks, I started a new blog about inner and outer health.  It will include links to cool sites that offer solutions, healthy recipes, nature stuff, inspirational stuff, essential oils.  In other words, inspirations for change.  Live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled.
Here's the link: Greene Earth Living.  Please come and visit me there. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Busy beady day!

Got into some beads today.  I had two pendants with very interesting patterns--dogstooth amethyst, that I bought the other day.  I love the deep purple and the jagged lines in the stone.  Rooting around in my stash of beads I came up with this combo of colors to enhance the focal point in each necklace.

Green Nile Goddess...  I was trying to come up with the best pictures to put these necklaces in my etsy shop.  There's more work to be done on that, but you get the sneak preview... Amethyst and Fluorite.

Himalayan Goddess...  there's a mountain in that pendant.  Amethyst, lavender fluorite, agates, and moonstone. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Follow your heart...

You know how important that is for general wellbeing.  Art does that to me, and creating art even more.  When I'm in the midst of a project I'm really happy despite the challenges that arrive as the project progresses.  Stretching and growing as an artist can be uncomfortable, but what new birth isn't??  Here are some more pictures of recent polymer clay creations.  Not very challenging but fun!

Someone or something to celebrate...

Peace is good! 

So.... PEACE today to all of you, and lots of joy!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Made three more frames last weekend...

Magic number is three in this case...  Had just enough tiles to cover these and I even found the packed away Scrabble pieces.  I painted them, or rather stained them, to fit into the overall color scheme.

I rediscovered the fun.  Basically, I got really tired of the polymer clay mosaics, but the magic is back. I'll try not to overdo it this time....  There is something like too much of a good thing at times.  These frames will be sold locally.  Check out one of my outlets HERE. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A new creative day...

Well, several days that is.  Polymer clay tiles are time-consuming and the process pretty painstaking: Roll out the clay, stamp, cut into tiles, bake, and then paint about three layers.

When I moved I thought I had most of my polymer clay paraphernalia packed in one or two boxes that would be easy to access.  Not so... surprise, surprise... I have yet to find some key things, but at least I could stamp, bake, and paint some tiles for picture frames.  They are just not going to have Scrabble pieces on them--this time.
As soon as I moved my laptop and printer to another desk, my creativity came flooding back.  I don't think computer vibes are good for visual creativity unless you're doing digital art and things like that.  I had my work table back, and out came decorative paper, glue, and some newly purchased wrapped canvases for collages.  No pictures of those yet, but I have three in the process now.

I got stuck on this one portrait/collage and decided to make some mosaic tiles instead.  That's a creative endeavor that always just flows.  So, here's the first picture frame of four, and the basket of newly painted tiles.  I took one picture with a flash so that you can see the hint of gold in the light and another picture without a flash.  It's so inspiring to root around the tiles to find just the right combination.  Even the most unassuming and ugly tile has its place.  I have thrown out a few, very few, and those that are "grayish" and hopeless, I usually repaint and give a new life.  It always amazes me how the tiles always find the perfect home on a frame or box.  They know where they need to go.  On this particular frame I used a tile that I painted three years ago...  Never could find a home for it until today. :)

I think that maybe my creative dry spell is over!  Yay.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sea Spirit and some art journaling...

My friend Marla Niederer, a fabulous artist, gave me this doll/ornament for Christmas.  It's called Sea Spirit, and the face is sewn from fabric and painted.  Marla has a very delicate touch!  You can check out her blog here.  I LOVE this sprite!  And the expression is fabulous!

I went out and bought a new journal for my art journaling.  I like the spiral bound kind because it lies flat and you can work on both sides of the paper.  The cover is black and I have yet to collage it with meaningful things...  but I did make the first page yesterday... a bit late for the new year: 

"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should Dance..."  Unknown

This is the cover of last year's journal: 

This is something I wrote in it on October 12:  BELIEVE... when you open your eyes and dare to look, you'll see a NEW world, one that was made just for you 'cause you fit right in it!  

I'm afraid to open my eyes.  What if there's nothing there?  

Ideas brighten the sky and lift me with them...  

Freedom is flying into the future, finding new and exciting patterns that I didn't know of before.  A new life begins, a new story unfolds in the drama of life....  believe... fly on, fly free...