Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art Journaling...

Art journaling is a great way to spend time creating. Sometimes I don't want to face a blank canvas. My art journal doesn't demand much. There are no expectations of greatness, just a cluster of painted pages, some paint pens, some pretty pictures, some doodling, and voila, you have something out of nothing. New ideas pop up, things I might want to use in my more "serious" art, so in a way, art journaling is an idea factory. And you can be sure that the art is YOURS, not some lofty expectation of what art should be that I try to implement. I'm getting more and more hooked on art journaling!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Copper wire rocks!

I made a simple bracelet with copper wire and red coral beads. I just love the color combo they create. Check out the rock upon which I placed the bracelet for the photo. The rock is from Cayuga Lake in the Fingerlakes region of New York. I used to live by that lake and seemed to have a knack for finding rocks with holes in them. Ages and ages ago, there were creatures that got trapped in the forming rock and the softer part they presented got soaked away by water and time. That's the "scientific" explanation, but some believe the holes are magical. I've never had a magical experience with them, but they sure are beautiful! That's enough for me. I have a few I brought with me to Florida, where there are no REAL rocks, only soft sandstone.
Bailey was sitting on my table in my studio trying to get to this crazed bird that was pecking on my window every 20 minutes for the entire day. It's a Summer Tanager, native to Florida. I got a picture, but the quality is not good. It's been coming back now and again, pecking, pecking. I especially don't like the early morning pecking!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another day in paradise... Tom Selleck used to say in Magnum P.I. Sometimes I watch the reruns and enjoy some the shenanigans they got into. I especially liked Higgins and the Lads. :)

I've been working on some collages, but not being very productive right now. Here's one, another inspirational "Living from the Heart." 'Tis the only way to live, isn't it? I sold the two previous collages here locally to a woman who saw one of them on Facebook. You never know where you might find potential customers. I always post photos on these online venues.
Mixed media is lots of fun, and selling them is GREAT!