Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another day in paradise... Tom Selleck used to say in Magnum P.I. Sometimes I watch the reruns and enjoy some the shenanigans they got into. I especially liked Higgins and the Lads. :)

I've been working on some collages, but not being very productive right now. Here's one, another inspirational "Living from the Heart." 'Tis the only way to live, isn't it? I sold the two previous collages here locally to a woman who saw one of them on Facebook. You never know where you might find potential customers. I always post photos on these online venues.
Mixed media is lots of fun, and selling them is GREAT!

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Kelly said...

Maria she is beautiful! You are so talented. I hope I'm somewhere near as good as you someday!
I like watching Magnum PI reruns to look at legs-- Toms' ;)