Tuesday, September 1, 2015

45% off Flash Sale on my art journaling e-course!

What a deal! 45% off on my art journaling e-course for two (maybe four) days. I'm tickled pink to be offering you this opportunity to try something new in art journaling. Here is the page from my website that explains it all:


The ultimate intuitive art journaling e-course

Are you curious about intuition and how it works?  What if I could show you some simple ways to always be in touch with your intuition?  Maybe you have read books about it, but can't seem to put it together. Are you going to do something about it? Learn how to break through and have some real experiences, not just book learning.  Find your inner guidance easily via art journaling.

Why take this e-course?

Visionary Art Journaling is perfect for you if :
• You never found a simple way to tap into your intuition in a consistent manner, or trust the information you received.
• You have been unable to follow through because the lessons or books bored you?
• Heart-centered art eludes you?
• If you're a beginner, but eager to learn to tap into your intuition, and quickly.
• You feel fears around art journaling or intuition.
Imagine making art with an easy flow, straight from your heart!  No experience needed.
Visionary Art Journaling e-course takes all the mystery out of the art and intuition process.

Personal benefits:

• Unleash your creative side.
• Tap into your innermost self and gain confidence in all areas of your life.
• Support from me personally online and from other artists in the group.
• Experience less stress and worry about the process of art journaling.
• A sense of pride and accomplishment for taking steps to deepen your art dream, or even start a dream!

Art benefits:

• Learn how to create a fun background that fits what you experienced in the meditations.
• Learn how to create exceptional details that describe your vision.
• How to avoid pitfalls as you move through the art spreads.
• Learn about the practical side of interpreting what you feel onto a journal page.
• Get your creative juices flowing.
• Make new discoveries that inspire you to continue on the journey.
Now is the time to get started on your dream to get more deeply into your art!
Visionary Art Journaling e-course consists of intro videos, 6 meditation audios, and 6 downloadable art instruction videos with a multitude of examples and suggestions that cover all you need to know about art journaling, and the six senses. All the materials are yours to keep.  Again, no experience necessary to follow this e-course.  The guided meditation audios are very relaxing and about 7 minutes long each.
Audio 1: Deals with the sense of Taste
Audio 2: Deals with the sense of Smell
Audio 3: Deals with the sense of Sight
Audio 4: Deals with the sense of Touch
Audio 5: Deals with the sense of Hearing
Audio 6: Deals with the Sixth sense, your intuition
Bonus videos with more tips on honing your intuition.
After finishing the e-course you will have a clear picture on how to put together an art journal spread, using what tools you have.
You will have a clear and easy understanding how to access your intuition and how it works.
You will feel confident that you can create similar art on your own.
You will have a way to keep your inspiration flowing, using your inner senses that never grow stale!


This e-course is suitable for beginners and for those who are art journaling veterans.
The art journaling pages will provide inspiration to add your own style and imagination.
If you like putting in the work up front for better results later, and have fun along the way, this course is definitely for you!
This is great for you if you like to take online courses and implement the advice. If you do the work, you will have excellent results.
If you are ready and eager to learn this kind of approach to art and see quick results, this e-course is definitely for you.

Visionary Art Journaling will help you to:

• know where to go next in the art process. It takes all the guesswork out of creating an art journal page.
• take the mystery out of the tools used.
• plug all the elements into your art via intuition.
• keep the excitement going for eternity. :)
Follow your dream of exploring art. Seize the day now, learn something new. Get excited again. Allow your talent to shine. Give yourself the gift of creativity.  Get re-inspired if you lost the spark.  Come along on the journey.
You can buy it by clicking HERE. 


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Paint and color your world!

Paint and Color Your World (even if you aren't an artist.)

This is how writer and mindset coach,Tobi Camilli's, guest post starts. I'm so glad to have her write about color here! I think you will find the post fun and inspiring.
For me, when I think about color, I'm always reminded of my mother and her paintings. Growing up, she was always working on one painting or another. I seriously cannot remember a time when my mother wasn't painting or teaching others how to paint. Watching her paint always amazed me and still does to this day. Back then, I could spend hours watching her take blank canvases in her little studio and turn them into amazing works of great art.

She'd dip her paintbrush into the water and then swirl it onto her palette among the paints.The paints were the magic yet her palette always held a jumbled mess of blobs of blues and greens, reds, yellows, pinks, purples, some bright, some muted. I always wondered how she picked the colors and knew when they were ready for her canvas, and I was convinced she had some magic power. Her paintbrush was her magic wand.

I'm still amazed by painters. How do they know what colors to use? Why do they pick the colors they do? When do they know they have mixed the correct color? How do they decipher the mess on their palette and find the exact right and proper magic color for their painting?

As I've gotten older and been studying the Law of Attraction, I realize now that painters and the act of painting actually is the Law of Attraction in action. When a painter starts a painting and they start mixing the colors for it, they have an idea in their head. All paintings begin within the artist's mind.

They visualize their subject. For my mom, it's flowers.  She starts to picture the perfect colors for that subject. The perfect blue or orange or red or pink or...?

Once they have the concept they mix the paint, slowly or furiously, and then the magic begins. I believe there is real magic in the action of placing it on the canvas. They express their particular energy through the paint colors.

So what does that mean for the rest of us? What can we learn from artists like my mom? How can we be like the magic painters and artists and take what's in our heads and bring it forth into our lives? What do we want? What do we see when we close our eyes and give ourselves permission to dream? What colors do we see or use and how do we mix our paints to color our world even if we aren't artists?

We start with our own picture. Our picture is our dream. What do we want our life to be like? Where do we live? Who are we with? What do we want? How detailed can we be with our vision? Is our dream blurry? Take some time and think about that for a minute. Seriously. Close your eyes and let your imagination and spirit guide you.

Second, what do we color our dream with? How do we mix and find the perfect colors of paint?

Since we don't have paint, we use our thoughts and our actions to color our world.

What we do everyday. How we behave. How we live.

Are we living in a way that supports and nurtures our dream, our picture, our vision? What do we think about everyday? Are those thoughts supportive and nurturing of our vision? These are our paint and the colors we choose and attract into our lives.

I believe we are all artists and creators of our lives. Our lives are our canvas, every one of them unique and beautiful.

We can choose to paint a beautiful life full of fun, happiness, and joy..or the opposite. The colors and paint we use to create our lives are our thoughts, behavior, and commitment to ourselves. 
We attract the paint for our unique vision and dream with our thoughts, desires and wants.

So spend some time today with your eyes closed and dream of the perfect picture you want your life to be like. Paint that picture with your actions and thoughts.

We are all artists. 

Indeed we are. Paint your life bright with happiness! You can check out Tobi's blog HERE.
She is also offering a cool online e-course titled COLOR YOUR DREAM, color mindset training. CLICK HERE for more info. 
Thank you, Tobi, for your guest post! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Now what?

I have been really busy and accomplished a lot these last few months. I created three full size e-courses and had a lot of fun creating them, but now what?

I have learned a lot in life and I felt a need to share my knowledge. It's kind of a mix of things, but I can't help that I have many passions in life. You can check out the offerings HERE. 

There are some freebies to download as well.

It feels a bit like an anti-climax to have gotten this far, and I'm grateful that I had the stamina to push through. I ask myself if the offerings truly are my passion. They have been for sure, for many years. Now that I have shared them, I'm not sure what the next step will be. I'd like to try something else, focus more on my art. Maybe move more deeply into the art expression since there is so much to explore.

Feeling like I'm in limbo at the moment. I like to take action, so not seeing the next move is not something I like. However, I have created some art lately, a tried-and-true polymer mosaic box. Once in a while I get inspired to make one.

I enjoy the process very much as long as I don't have to make them on an assembly line.

I experimented with a muted art journal page. Got a mixed media background going with some decorative papers and stamps. I drew a face with a charcoal pen, and I liked the effect. I usually paint with lots of color so this was something different.

Picture complete with Bailey the cat. He always spreads out on my work table...

I'm going to have to wait and see what kind of inspiration strikes next. Maybe it will strike in a new direction or be calling me to more creative depths.

Hope you're having a great day. Would you share what you're working on?



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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Art journaling and some background techniques

Hello lovelies,

I have been doing some art journaling lately, experimenting with a lot of background techniques, which is fun. It's an adventure since you don't know how it will turn out. Art is very forgiving so usually everything turns out ok in the end.

In the two pictures below, I wet my heavy duty journal paper thoroughly with water. Then I used very diluted acrylic paints and dripped them on the water-logged paper. The paints spread in a nice, sometimes subtle way. You can use any craft paints or finer art paints as long as they can be diluted with water. Watercolor paints would work well if you want a more diluted and subtle background.

This is another version on my freebie art tutorial Star Angel. You can get that tutorial HERE.

In the one above, you can really see the background variations. Lots of fun. :)

The one above is a faux crinkled leather background. I used medium spread liberally across the paper, and then I glued tissue paper over it. It's important to crinkle the tissue paper into a ball in your hand, and then spread out the wrinkled paper on the medium. Let dry thoroughly, and paint whatever colors you like. I used some raw umber on my fingertip to brush over the ridges as a last coat to make the creasing more dramatic.

Fantasy flowers on top of decorative paper, which was glued down in my journal.

Just for fun!  Grow wild and free. Hell yeah!!!

What are you working on today?

Please share in the comments.

...because Life happens NOW!



PS. If you're interested in an art journaling ecourse, please check out my Visionary Art Journaling with the six senses HERE.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Because I'm frustrated.

Hello lovelies,

How is your day going?  I've been experiencing some frustration lately. For a year I've been working online setting up various e-courses and freebies just to share my work and inspiration. I have learned sooo much and it's so much fun to actually learn the tech stuff that goes into an online biz.I didn't think I would like that.

If I were a millionaire, I would do art all day long, and never think about money. However, I was not born with a silver spoon, nor have I found the right "recipe" for success. It's a bit like fumbling in the dark with a weak flashlight. You see glimpses of possibilities and walk in the direction of the light. I get excited easily about the next new thing. Bright, shiny new, syndrome maybe. I have had more learning and coaching in the last year than I have all of my life since I left college. It's a beautiful thing, but...

Though I have gained a lot of insights and strategies, it always comes down to my own self. What do I really want to do? It can get very confusing some times, especially when income is at stake. I have done a lot of things in my life that I'm qualified to teach, but I'm not sure I put out the confidence to people who might benefit from my work.

I have no doubt in the quality of my art, but I doubt myself many times. It comes down to beliefs and old feelings of unworthiness. But who cares about that now. I'm ready to fly!

People say, get a job. Get back to reality; don't be such a dreamer.

I have pretty thick skin by now. People can keep their opinions. No way am I going back to the grind. Life is too short and too beautiful to waste on the rat race.
I will have to change my belief that my dream is possible, or not possible.

People who grow up with a prosperity mentality might not have a problem believing in manifesting dreams, but if you come from a belief that money is hard to come by or you have to work hard for your money or you don't want to be more successful than your parents, you have a problem.

I have taken up tapping (if you don't know what it is, go to YouTube and search the term,) and I find it very soothing. The old patterns have to change in the brain, and I believe it's doable. It will take effort and commitment, and sometimes that is hard to pursue.

Basically, I have to change my beliefs to reach my goal, which is a fun, inspiring, easy, and lucrative art career. It's never too late. There is something bright inside of me that says 'never give up on the dream."

What beliefs are you struggling with? Please share.  Even successful people had negative beliefs at some point.

I truly wish you to have success in living your dream.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New background technique.

Hi gorgeous,

I have a new background technique for you today. Experimenting is sooo much fun. Making videos is fun, but I'm far from a pro at that. My equipment is not great, but I do the best I can with what I've got. It's better to share new exciting things than to strive for perfection in everything. Art often happens by accident, doesn't it?

I have been on a high when it comes to producing art lately. It seems to go in cycles, and I welcome the wave when it comes to sweep me away! 

My latest technique involves acrylic paints, water, alcohol, and salt. Yes, you read that right. Salt makes cool patterns in the paint.

I made this video using an old painting I painted in 2004 as inspiration, a star angel. She sends out the stars into the night sky.

Click here to access the link to the video.

Art journaling has become a real obsession for me. It is so much fun and you can try all kinds of new techniques and ideas without ruining an expensive canvas. Speaking of canvases, I did finish a mixed media piece as well last week. 

Broken Dreams 12x12"

Portraits are always a challenge, but fun to paint. Every face has its own expression.

What are you working on lately? I would love to hear about it.



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Friday, June 26, 2015

Discovering the epic.

Dear reader,

It is about discovering the truth of who we are and what we can share with the world, not just the small stuff, but that which is truly epic.

I was asking myself that question this morning. I have no problem producing artsy things to share or sell, but I thought about the perspective of my sphere of knowledge. I have lots of experience, but in the big scheme of things, what I know is small, not anything epic by a long shot.

I share where I'm at now. It's like walking down a dark road with a weak flashlight that also flickers. Stuff out of scary movies, right?
But I take one step forward, and that's as far as I can see.

I guess that's living in the now.

And that's all there is.

My fearful little self doesn't like it, not by a long shot. Maybe the only epic action in life is to step off the proverbial cliff and see what happens. (I'm afraid of heights.) Epic is to do "it" no matter what. Maybe you have to risk is all to have it all? 

I look at people who have epic concepts and I wonder how they came across such knowledge. I believe we're all made to be epic in the best possible way.

What is the divinely inspired "thing" that sets me apart from others and allows me to create epic shit that only I can create. 

I honestly don't know.

I want to know. I go within and ask in meditation, but the Universe is strangely quiet lately. To my ears at least, or maybe I'm not really listening. I'm multi-tasking writing this blog post in my head and planning out my day. I'm just thinking of the few paces I can see ahead, and they are mighty small from an epic perspective.

So I miss the point of stepping into epic. However, I can only act from where I am right now.

What is epic anyway? I don't know. It's a concept. Frodo's struggle to bring the ring to the Mount of Doom was epic. In that sense epic is something that is greater than us. Frodo could not do it alone. He got help along the way.

To create something massively awesome that affects a lot of people in a good way is beyond one person alone, but it can be done with a little help from your friends.

To dare to create something, however small is an epic action since most people never create anything, just live day by day in zombie land.

Say you get an epic inspiration for something so big it scares the pants off of you. It's not like you can turn your back on that. It's like a "knowing" and once you know, you can't un-know it. But you have no idea how to implement it into 3D living.

All you can do is take one step forward and as the whole plan is slowly revealed people will show up along the path to help because it's epic. They can see the value of your inspiration.

Truth is you're the driver; you're the one who takes action every day.

I'm good at taking action.

Until epic strikes I can take one step forward, and then another one until I'm ready. Yeah, I guess that's it. It's very likely the steps actually lead to epic but I can never be certain.

One step at a time, and I'm golden.

What are you doing that is worthwhile today?



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