Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tiles and more tiles....

I've been making loads of polymer clay tiles lately. Here are some pictures of the process after the clay has been rolled out, stamped, and cut out. I can't seem to get the hang of using a pasta machine, so I'm using my trusty vintage wooden rolling pin... works great!

White tiles ready for the oven.

semi-finished painted tiles

finished painted tiles

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


From Weird to Moon Goddess...
That's a big jump in titles, but the painting had a life of its own. It's finished! Woo-hoo! I had such a good time painting it. Women power and all that. Love, not war. Intuition, listening, not rash acts.



Monday, August 18, 2008

"WEIRD" is almost finished...

Yessirre, I'm almost finished with "Weird" and truly weird it is. I'll be posting a picture of it shortly. I have two areas to cover with weirdness still, but I do like the colors (if I may say so myself.) I worked on it for 6 hours straight last night, and was so wired from all the creative output that I couldn't sleep until LATE.
Toward the end of my toils, I squirted out a glob of violet paint from a tube, and it went all over Bailey's paws. The canvas is so large it covers the chair where he usually sleeps. He didn't react even though I took a super wet paper towel to his paws. He just let me rub the paint away, but his yellow stripes now have a violet tint... Bailey, the punk cat. That should put the fear of God into his rival, the black stray tom with no tail.

Sunny here so far. Everyone is waiting breathlessly for Fay to land. I have to keep my rain flip flops handy...


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boxes up the wazoo...

I've been making lots of mosaic boxes and I'm very grateful that they are selling here locally. Sometimes there gets to be a few too many polymer clay tiles, though. They are EVERYWHERE! I step on them, sit on them, my cat sits on them. They underhandedly sneak into my basket of paper ephemera that lives under my table. And then I can't find some of the lettering. I was looking everywhere for a polymer bar with "heart's desire" stamped into it--actually I was looking for "heart's" and could only find "heart" pieces until I discovered that "heart's desire" resided on one single polymer bar. The word "your" had to be put on extra. Gets complicated, doesn't it? (The picture is a different heart box.)

At some inspired moment I stamped the words like "Life is singing" on a tile. When in the world am I going to use THAT??! It might be singing, but I don't think it'll go on a box any time soon. I also have startling words like "Secrets!" and "Forever" lying around for future projects. Forever is a good Valentine's Day word, isn't it? I could do a "Secrets!' box for someone working at the CIA. Maybe I should make a box with all the left over letters across the lid. That would surely sell...yeah right. So, I'm going letter crazy. :)
It has been driving rain all day and gusting winds, so maybe I can blame it on that.

Monday, August 4, 2008


I am now famous! I was interviewed on another blog. Please check it out. There are other artists on there too, all really cool artists. There are some felted bags I'm drooling over... Good thing it's only a picture, or the drool...