Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tiles and more tiles....

I've been making loads of polymer clay tiles lately. Here are some pictures of the process after the clay has been rolled out, stamped, and cut out. I can't seem to get the hang of using a pasta machine, so I'm using my trusty vintage wooden rolling pin... works great!

White tiles ready for the oven.

semi-finished painted tiles

finished painted tiles


Ruth Welter said...

Hi Maria..nice to meet you by the way. Wow, your tiles are simply gorgeous. They remind me of raku pottery. Thanks for sharing a bit of the process. Nice to see what they look like when you first start. Gorgeous!!


sol y sombra creations said...

Wonderful! It's always nice to see artists' processes from start to finish.
now, if we could only take pictures of what was going on in our creative brains...that would be something!

littlebird said...

they look great, i was not expecting to see all those colours after the pre-fired white tiles : )

Margaret Weiss said...

Hi Maria, thanks for leaving a note on my blog... I just found it! I have been offline (and off lots of other things for a while, but am back now!!!!) I love your polymer clay work. I have just started making some too.... very basic and not as lovely as yours.

arlene said...

Oh, you HAVE been busy! These are stunningly beautiful!
I think I would prefer the handmade feel of the rolling pin version rather than the pasta machine. So, so pretty.
Thanks for visiting my blog!
xo arlene