Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boxes up the wazoo...

I've been making lots of mosaic boxes and I'm very grateful that they are selling here locally. Sometimes there gets to be a few too many polymer clay tiles, though. They are EVERYWHERE! I step on them, sit on them, my cat sits on them. They underhandedly sneak into my basket of paper ephemera that lives under my table. And then I can't find some of the lettering. I was looking everywhere for a polymer bar with "heart's desire" stamped into it--actually I was looking for "heart's" and could only find "heart" pieces until I discovered that "heart's desire" resided on one single polymer bar. The word "your" had to be put on extra. Gets complicated, doesn't it? (The picture is a different heart box.)

At some inspired moment I stamped the words like "Life is singing" on a tile. When in the world am I going to use THAT??! It might be singing, but I don't think it'll go on a box any time soon. I also have startling words like "Secrets!" and "Forever" lying around for future projects. Forever is a good Valentine's Day word, isn't it? I could do a "Secrets!' box for someone working at the CIA. Maybe I should make a box with all the left over letters across the lid. That would surely sell...yeah right. So, I'm going letter crazy. :)
It has been driving rain all day and gusting winds, so maybe I can blame it on that.


arlene said...

Maria, your work is so beautiful. I love the words, and I imagine your house to be a place of great inspiration, what with tripping over all these wonderful words!
xo arlene

sol y sombra creations said...

I like to think of Life as singing!
It is in my mind...all the time...
Beautiful piece!