Thursday, May 22, 2008


I finished Vanessa's box that I mentioned in a previous post, and here are a couple of pictures. The box has all of her favorite colors, and I like to distress the outside with various layers of paint, and sanding. The inside is painted gold with some inspirational tiles glued to the bottom.
I'm working on another sisterhood painting. How fun!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today was a great day as I sold one of my paintings, "Sisterhood"! Bailey says he never liked it, but these kinds of paintings have always sold. I have done a series of these, and this is the last one to go. If inspiration strikes, another one will follow. It celebrates the independence of women and also the strength of our support groups/friends. Women are warriors too, and at their best, warriors from the heart.
I don't have a sister, so my friends are my sisters. How much fun I've had with them! Thank you all my "sisters!"
Ciao, Maria

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Got a commission for a mosaic box from my friend Vanessa. She believes in miracles, so it'll be a miracle box. Her favorite colors are purple, turquoise, and blue. She mostly wears purple dresses, REALLY frilly dresses. She's my total opposite, as I prefer jeans and tops, but we get along swimmingly! (That's what they would say in England in the old days. Vanessa is from Bath in Somerset.) Check out her website: I have known her for years.

Her box is almost done, but I don't yet have a picture to post here. Soon... I'm going to get myself into more painting again. I've been making polymer clay tiles for too long and they are addictive. It just goes on and on. On Vanessa's box I put an angel holding a star tile in the middle. It was an old pin I've used as an imprint. The star spells 'Joy' but when you imprint, it's reverse. yoJ. Though it doesn't read correctly, the pronunciation is almost the same... One of those funky little things that happen with handmade stuff. Eeeek, I should just go home. It's been a long day.



Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Check out my etsy store:
I have listed a bunch of new items, particularly polymer clay embellished boxes that are all unique, and reasonably priced. I baked a whole bunch of polymer clay tiles last night and my work table is covered with painted and unpainted tiles, that is when Bailey doesn't lie stretched out on the table. He says: everything in good time. His timing is flawless at all times.... no pun intended. I can't wait to go home this evening and paint some more. My evenings are filled with creativity and fun! If one day go by and I don't do something creative, well, that day went and will never come back.

If you create art or crafts you'll find that you "disappear" in the joy of doing it. I believe that's our natural state of being! If you experience a block, do it anyway, because along the way you'll break through. Artist's block mostly appear when we expect too much of ourselves instead of trusting that flow to bring through the vision we need. Try another technique to get the juices flowing, or go to an art exhibit. Other people's art tends to inspire.

Try something new today, and happy creating!