Tuesday, May 6, 2008


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I have listed a bunch of new items, particularly polymer clay embellished boxes that are all unique, and reasonably priced. I baked a whole bunch of polymer clay tiles last night and my work table is covered with painted and unpainted tiles, that is when Bailey doesn't lie stretched out on the table. He says: everything in good time. His timing is flawless at all times.... no pun intended. I can't wait to go home this evening and paint some more. My evenings are filled with creativity and fun! If one day go by and I don't do something creative, well, that day went and will never come back.

If you create art or crafts you'll find that you "disappear" in the joy of doing it. I believe that's our natural state of being! If you experience a block, do it anyway, because along the way you'll break through. Artist's block mostly appear when we expect too much of ourselves instead of trusting that flow to bring through the vision we need. Try another technique to get the juices flowing, or go to an art exhibit. Other people's art tends to inspire.

Try something new today, and happy creating!


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