Sunday, February 26, 2012

A new creative day...

Well, several days that is.  Polymer clay tiles are time-consuming and the process pretty painstaking: Roll out the clay, stamp, cut into tiles, bake, and then paint about three layers.

When I moved I thought I had most of my polymer clay paraphernalia packed in one or two boxes that would be easy to access.  Not so... surprise, surprise... I have yet to find some key things, but at least I could stamp, bake, and paint some tiles for picture frames.  They are just not going to have Scrabble pieces on them--this time.
As soon as I moved my laptop and printer to another desk, my creativity came flooding back.  I don't think computer vibes are good for visual creativity unless you're doing digital art and things like that.  I had my work table back, and out came decorative paper, glue, and some newly purchased wrapped canvases for collages.  No pictures of those yet, but I have three in the process now.

I got stuck on this one portrait/collage and decided to make some mosaic tiles instead.  That's a creative endeavor that always just flows.  So, here's the first picture frame of four, and the basket of newly painted tiles.  I took one picture with a flash so that you can see the hint of gold in the light and another picture without a flash.  It's so inspiring to root around the tiles to find just the right combination.  Even the most unassuming and ugly tile has its place.  I have thrown out a few, very few, and those that are "grayish" and hopeless, I usually repaint and give a new life.  It always amazes me how the tiles always find the perfect home on a frame or box.  They know where they need to go.  On this particular frame I used a tile that I painted three years ago...  Never could find a home for it until today. :)

I think that maybe my creative dry spell is over!  Yay.