Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Morning walk...

On my morning walk I saw some cool things (all in my backyard.)

This is the leaf of the potato vine, a very invasive vine that smothers everything around here, but isn't the leaf so very pretty? Like a heart.

This is some sort of fungi. The ground is full of them, and they look really cool. There's an ants' nest in the middle. This is a good view of FL soil, SAND, SAND, and more SAND. I live 6 miles from the sea...

Bailey goes with me on my walks, sometimes somewhat hump-backed to protect his underbelly from the "stick tights" that are abounding. Some kind of seed that sticks to everything. One time I got the bottom of my pants covered with them, so instead of picking them off I decided to wash the pants, but the stickies were still there after the wash!

This is Beautyberry. Aren't these brightly magenty berries gorgeous? Every fall there are clusters and clusters of them, but I never see any birds eat them. Maybe they are just for beauty, as the name suggests..

Cheerios and Chex mix until the next time!

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