Monday, October 20, 2008

Spider alert!

I don't mind spiders at all, and here in FL we have lots and lots, small, medium and large. Then there is the extra large. Here a picture of the lovely Banana spider, which is 2 inches from back toe to front toe. It's harmless and weaves the most beautiful shimmering, layers and cone shaped webs that are really strong.

According to Native American legend, the spider is the "story teller" so if a spider shows up in your life, maybe it's time to tell some stories, or write them down!? Mother Nature is the most incredible artist, isn't she? The very best!


L'Artiste said...

We just had one spin a huge web over our little pond in the he did it between all the trees is beyond me. Anyway, Joe and the kids wound up tossing live crickets into the web for a tasty treat. He said they tasted ALMOST as good as my chocolate dream squares ;)

sol y sombra creations said...

oooo pretty...
I am partial to garden spiders, they bring luck and blessings to it