Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First draft finished--Trials of Hallion is born!

Should I take out an ad?  I don't think so, but it should be celebrated with champagne.  I don't have any on hand alas.  So maybe I have a bit of postpartum depression, but only for a day.  It's a great feeling, a burden off the mind, to birth a book, all 425 pages.  It gnaws at you and gnaws until you do something about it.  I made a marathon mental run, and it feels good to be done.  Now I'm going back to the colorful and the visual.  The brain must rest before the revisions. 

I'm going to a wedding in Sweden.  My niece is getting married, and the theme is "opera."  My brother's girlfriend has some connection with opera costumes and it looks like I might score something to wear there.  Yay.  I was getting stressed out about what to wear.  I admit I know VERY little about Opera.  My niece, Isabella is studying to be an opera singer, so you might see her on the great stages some day.  She just had a baby boy in April: Florian.  Sounds opera-ish, don't you think?   New born picture.  Just divine.

The wedding invitation!  Aren't they handsome?

Lazy art journal entry, but so true!  This is what I live by now.

I also get to spend time with my 92 year old mom, and I really look forward to that.  She's such a sweetheart.  I have to say LIFE IS GOOD! 


T said...

Creating is living very well I think. What a lovely post marie.
and Congratulations.


RekindleMe said...

Yippee!!! I am right there celebrating the birth of the book with you!!

The wedding sounds like it is going to be beautiful! I am hoping that you will post some pictures for us on your return? Happy travels to you! They are a great looking couple! And that baby boy is a cutie!!!

Kelly said...

Oh I've been absent for awhile... you are there enjoying yourself by now I'm sure...
Congratulations on the book-- woweee! When I buy it will you sign it ;)
Hope your having a very marvelous time. Glad you get to visit your Mom.