Friday, August 13, 2010

Art journaling...

When all else fails, do some art journaling.  I have one that I've been working on for a couple of years, and it's mostly a spiritual reminder of what is important in my life.  It's a way to do whimsical things and try out new techniques, write silly or profound stuff, and basically laugh at the artful fun that comes out!  Well, when it all boils down to it we are cosmic if lovable jokes, but we might as well have fun while being . . .  Artists grab the cosmic by the throat and wrangle some unique art out of it, if we are lucky.
On those "unlucky" days, we can get by with some doodles with jelly pens, or a regular ballpoint pen if things are really bad.  I like to jot down goals and visualizations that invariably get turned into the ditches of the road of life, but one can try . . . A lot of Gulf of Mexico sadness went into those pages, but I did mark the day the well cap went on.  I'm into doodling trees now, those stately wise beings that we share our lives with.  I touched one in reverence the other day and came away with squirrel poop on my hand.  Cosmic joke or what?!  At least someone is having fun. :)
My neighbors are feeding hummingbirds this season, so I get one coming over my way.  He is a ruby throated and he checks out my tiny yellow flowers and the trumpet vine that grows high in the live oaks.  He also checks out a red teapot/birdhouse that hangs on my porch, never quite figuring out why such a large red flower has no juice.  I like to think he's looking in my window sometimes, but he's probably getting those tiny insects that abound on the walls.  No pictures of this magical creature alas, only a musing.
I'm so grateful Bailey, the cat, doesn't go after anything.  He just lies there and looks at things, kindly, and lazily.

These are some of my fallow brushes with pretty paint stains, and one brand new, looking regal among the worker bees . . .


T said...

Art journaling. What a good way to get back into art..... thanks Maria


Kelly said...

I love this post. You write so beautifully, Maria. And I can just see you touching that tree.
The art journaling is really gorgeous, love the doodly leaves over the trees!

RekindleMe said...

Love the art pages! I also enjoyed reading this post - got a kick out of the squirrel/tree encounter!

I'm happy to hear that the journal was there to help you through the Gulf situation! I was thinking of you the day that cap went on!!

Hope you have a great weekend!