Thursday, August 5, 2010

What am I doing?

Maybe you thought I fell of the face of the earth, but I've been busy WRITING, not making art.  I can't take pictures of my computer screen; it would be very boring.  I am gearing up for the art show at the City Hall in Brooksville though.  All art has to be in by August 10, so I have to make labels and make sure all of the pieces have wire on the back.  Details, details...

I have posted before that I had a career as a writer.  I got burned out big time after 18 years, but I'm at it again.  I guess you can't remove the writer within.  It's so much more difficult than making visual arts because you can see your art take shape. Writing is a wholly mental adventure, but when it's inspired you wonder where the good stuff comes from.  

I'm working on a possible trilogy, a set of sci-fi fantasy novels, more fantasy than sci-fi.  The first one is titled Trials of Hallion and I've got some spunky characters venturing into a new world where there's lots of weird stuff going on.  I'm hitting the story from two viewpoints, two women who will meet at some point, Kate and Keitrah.  Don't know where.  This morning I had to write a scene that I only had the vaguest of ideas for, but it came together as I wrote one word after the other.  Funny how that works...   The ideas and pictures appear in my head as I write, and the story goes from one sentence to the next.  I have a general synopsis of the story, but it tends to change a lot as I go along.  I feel a lot of trust in the process, and the craft of writing is ingrained in my DNA. :)  I wrote a couple of how-to fiction writing articles for Fortitude if you're interested in reading more about the writing process itself: and
Having fun in the summer heat, indoors with the A/C going...  We're in the mid to high 90s every day, a very hot summer for us in FL.
Stay cool!

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RekindleMe said...

Welcome back, Maria!!

I didn't realize that you were a writer, too! I would LOVE to read your books when they come out! Please keep us posted and happy writing to you!