Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another POP event!

We had a great time last Saturday during our Day of Discovery at POP.  It rained part of the day, just like today.  Huge downpours and thunder.  It's painfully green outside if you can use that word!?  And pretty dark for 4 pm, but the sun will be back tomorrow as always...  Check out the pictures.  I didn't get pictures of everythnig that was made, but what a talented group!  I had them do mini collage on playing cards, and they turned out fantastic!! 

 Pastels with Lynne Simone.

Me before the classes started.

Kathleen, she dyes textiles and does watercolors that are very fluid.  The picture of her art here didn't turn out very nice.

One of Kathleen's textiles.  Hard to see the glorious detail.

Kathleen Wilson and Karen Heidler

Mini collages in the making!

Collages and oil painting bookmarks

Love this!

My plate of the catered lunch.  It was soooo good that I had seconds.  Didn't have to eat more that day...

Jana Withers oil painter extraordinaire, and plein air as well.

I'm envious of her brush bag!

Rose from Evie Harper's polymer clay class.  This was a first time effort!

Karen's watercolor class.  People went into the "zone" here. :)

I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Evie, but I took bunches of pictures with her camera and probably thought I'd gotten some with mine.


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Kelly said...

Oh, it looks like so much fun... (you look happy) if I was close by I would be there too you know!
I'll bet the conversations are really interesting.