Thursday, June 11, 2015


 Hello gorgeous,

Important? you ask. Yes, what I have to say today is important. Every day I wake up and want to live my life to the fullest and sometimes I get a real "slap" in the face when I notice how many times I live small and frightened. Fears that are totally ungrounded come over me, and I berate myself for falling for the whispers in my mind that tell me "you can't do it," "why would YOU step out and do something big?" "You'll go bankrupt!" "You'll lose everything!"

The truth is I actually stand to gain everything that is good, things I have been working on, like making art a much greater part of my life.

I can do it!  Between the clouds of doubt there are the clear skies of possibility of a great future. I can see it very clearly, and that is the part that is important.

The rest is like a teabag that broke and leaked all the tea leaves, a nuisance but not the end of the world.

Fear is basically what holds me back from experiencing new things.

What are you afraid of?  What holds you back from stepping into the greater you? Lots of nonsense I suspect, and a belief that the system is the only thing that can support us. Don't step outside the box!

But it's outside the box where the fun, the shining stuff, the adventures are. I step into my greater possibilities and I'm awed, full of fizz and joy.

Art is a bridge to the greater self. Art is gentle, art unfolds, shows us what is possible, what we are capable of. Surprises us.

Fear makes us stuck, paralyzes us as we try to create something bigger. But all that is needed is one brave step, and everything opens up. The more steps you take, the more the opportunities open up.

The more you move forward the more you learn, and also you fail, but in a good way because you learned what not to do. All ends up in the basket of experience and all is worth its weight in gold.

I highly recommend failing at something worthwhile in life!

And then get up and do it again. And again.

And then succeed beyond your wildest dreams! 

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