Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Download instantly!

Hello gorgeous,

I hope you're having an amazing, creative day!

I revamped my giveaway these last few days, yaaay.

Download instantly when you sign up for me newsletter.  It is a 37-page manual on getting started with art journaling. Some of you are seasoned artists, but if you're just starting out, art journaling is a great way to get your feet wet. It's like a journal where you record your life, but with added art. You can still write in it of course. I like to write what is going on and then I cover it with art (sometimes.)

The 37 pages also include the Stargirl mixed media tutorial I offered before, so it's not lost. There is just SO MUCH MORE, and lots of pictures. My aim is to inspire...

...because life happens NOW!

You can download your FREE copy by signing up on this link HERE.
You can also sign up in the side bar at the top. 

Until next time, keep making art.

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