Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter is back here in FL!

It didn't snow yesterday in the Tampa Bay area, but the panhandle got the white stuff!  As I sit in my house bundled up with 3 sweaters I wonder if it ever will get warm again!?  I love the warmth, the hot chili pepper living, the sultriness (or you can call it muggy) of our summer days.  Can't wait!  My most beloved plants are inside, crowding my living room, but a lot of them froze dead in the past hard freeze we had.  It's the coldest winter here since 1956!  (So they say.)  I know, I know, I shouldn't be complaining.  For Valentine's Day have lots of LOVE and Chocolate, in that order! :)


A Creative Dream... said...

LOL...Maria, if you want to read some complaining, come read me...we've STILL got snow on the ground, and another front will be moving in tomorrow...AND Monday...I am SO sick of snow!

RekindleMe said...

I love the piece of jewelry here! Is it a necklace?

Winter really has been crazy all over this year! Believe it or not, we have even had the cold (nothing white, though) here in Phx!! I have been using the heating pad on a regular basis! Hang in there, the sunshine will be back - I'll try to send some your way!

Maria said...

Thanks for some sunshine! :) A necklace it is!