Friday, February 26, 2010

Hernando POP, People Of Passion!

Hernando POP is a non-profit group for the arts that was just founded by Gus Guadagnino, a local businessman here in Hernando County (Brooksville.)  In the front of the building he runs a marketing firm, Dream House Marketing, and in the back there's a huge studio that is used by local artists to offer classes. (This organization is too new to have a website, but when it does, I'll post a link.)  I'm one of those local artists (of seven,) POP, People Of Passion.  I'm offering my polymer clay mosaic tiles as one class, and another is mixed media collage.  I held my first class, and two women had signed up (you have to start somewhere...)  One canceled, so I did a one-on-one class with a lady named Becky who is passionate about art in all forms!  I forgot to bring my camera so she emailed me a picture. She has kindly agreed to let me share the picture of her collage here, and I think she created a fantastic piece of art.  Take a gander!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Wow - her piece is wonderful! And I hope your group grows and that your future classes have lots of students :) I love the idea of what your doing!

A Creative Dream... said...

Wow, Maria....she did a great job, and what a wonderful teacher she had! I wish I were closer, I love the work you do and would so enjoy a class! And, yes, you do have to start somewhere, and very often a one on one sort of experience is just perfect!