Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Envy and coming up against challenges.

Do you ever feel envy and come up against challenges? I do at times, or quite often when it comes to challenges. As far as envy goes, I envy those who can stick to one style of art and be successful at it. They just keep on going with the same flowers or faces or whatever the motifs are, and they are happy. Envy is a tough word, but how can they find so much pleasure in just one style?

I get bored easily, and I don't know how many styles I've gone through in my days as an artist. A lifetime full of styles. Every day I'm faced with the challenge of what to create. I look at my recent art and think I should do another like it, but I can't make myself do it. Some are similar of course, but when it comes to painting, it's an onward and upward kind of scenario.

When I make crafts I can repeat myself endlessly. It's soothing and grounding, whereas painting sometimes is a battle of what the painting wants to be and what I think it should look like. The Great Battle of wills! Not so fun, but when the painting wins, I feel a lot of satisfaction because I could not have planned the end result.

I never plan my art journal spreads, and sometimes they are easy, sometimes hard. They turn out really crappy or really good, no balance there. :) I guess life is an endless exploration; that's how it's working out for me anyway.

Today I made a "grunge" art journal spread video. I had no plan except for using an old family photo as a starting point. I made a photo copy of the picture and went from there. You can check out the video below.

I hope you're having a wonderful, creative day! And if not, it's never too late to start... Life is an exploration after all, and it happens NOW.

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