Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Art is a demanding goddess!

Yes, art is a demanding goddess. Every day I face an empty art journal page or canvas, and every time I wonder what to put on the surface. It's never self evident. I have techniques, yes, and I rely a lot on previous experiences, but when all is said and done, I have to just "go with it." Only when I look at the finished page do I know if I like it or not.
However, who cares if I like it or not? It's not about me and my likes, it's about showing up at the page or canvas and be open to the creative flow. It is always there, but my head is usually in a thousand other places. Being human is not easy...not if you want to continue to explore art. In some ways it gets harder all the time because you are always put in front of the choice of being more and more true to yourself.

I put up a lot of resistance to showing up more authentically in my art. I might not like what wants to come out onto the paper and I judge it instantly and put it aside. I have no idea why I experience such resistance toward exploring the next step of the evolution, but I do.
Still, I can't stop making art, so I might as well suck it up and be more brave.
There is a lot of cookie cutter art on the web, and some of it I love. I try some of the techniques and they are lots of fun. I'd say it's more of a craft approach to art, and it can be very rewarding. ANY art expression is good; it brings us closer to who we really are and urges us to grow inside.
At some point there is the wall of resistance in front and a wall of "no-going-back" behind you. The only way is to move forward, one dot or dribble of paint at a time.
The Universe doesn't give a hoot about the product, only about how I grow inside. Sometimes these art pieces take a long time. To break things up I do some art journaling pretty much every day.

Anyhoo, I was inspired by Tamara Laporte's technique of using magazine faces to create your own art journal portrait. I had a lot of fun making these videos.

"Dark Queen." I was going to do a whole spread, but decided to make two shorter videos. Only one is made so far.

Below, is "Lace." I used some lace in that spread.

Try something new today! Just show up at your scary blank surface and see what happens!

Here's to that tough Goddess of Art.



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