Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Paint and color your world!

Paint and Color Your World (even if you aren't an artist.)

This is how writer and mindset coach,Tobi Camilli's, guest post starts. I'm so glad to have her write about color here! I think you will find the post fun and inspiring.
For me, when I think about color, I'm always reminded of my mother and her paintings. Growing up, she was always working on one painting or another. I seriously cannot remember a time when my mother wasn't painting or teaching others how to paint. Watching her paint always amazed me and still does to this day. Back then, I could spend hours watching her take blank canvases in her little studio and turn them into amazing works of great art.

She'd dip her paintbrush into the water and then swirl it onto her palette among the paints.The paints were the magic yet her palette always held a jumbled mess of blobs of blues and greens, reds, yellows, pinks, purples, some bright, some muted. I always wondered how she picked the colors and knew when they were ready for her canvas, and I was convinced she had some magic power. Her paintbrush was her magic wand.

I'm still amazed by painters. How do they know what colors to use? Why do they pick the colors they do? When do they know they have mixed the correct color? How do they decipher the mess on their palette and find the exact right and proper magic color for their painting?

As I've gotten older and been studying the Law of Attraction, I realize now that painters and the act of painting actually is the Law of Attraction in action. When a painter starts a painting and they start mixing the colors for it, they have an idea in their head. All paintings begin within the artist's mind.

They visualize their subject. For my mom, it's flowers.  She starts to picture the perfect colors for that subject. The perfect blue or orange or red or pink or...?

Once they have the concept they mix the paint, slowly or furiously, and then the magic begins. I believe there is real magic in the action of placing it on the canvas. They express their particular energy through the paint colors.

So what does that mean for the rest of us? What can we learn from artists like my mom? How can we be like the magic painters and artists and take what's in our heads and bring it forth into our lives? What do we want? What do we see when we close our eyes and give ourselves permission to dream? What colors do we see or use and how do we mix our paints to color our world even if we aren't artists?

We start with our own picture. Our picture is our dream. What do we want our life to be like? Where do we live? Who are we with? What do we want? How detailed can we be with our vision? Is our dream blurry? Take some time and think about that for a minute. Seriously. Close your eyes and let your imagination and spirit guide you.

Second, what do we color our dream with? How do we mix and find the perfect colors of paint?

Since we don't have paint, we use our thoughts and our actions to color our world.

What we do everyday. How we behave. How we live.

Are we living in a way that supports and nurtures our dream, our picture, our vision? What do we think about everyday? Are those thoughts supportive and nurturing of our vision? These are our paint and the colors we choose and attract into our lives.

I believe we are all artists and creators of our lives. Our lives are our canvas, every one of them unique and beautiful.

We can choose to paint a beautiful life full of fun, happiness, and joy..or the opposite. The colors and paint we use to create our lives are our thoughts, behavior, and commitment to ourselves. 
We attract the paint for our unique vision and dream with our thoughts, desires and wants.

So spend some time today with your eyes closed and dream of the perfect picture you want your life to be like. Paint that picture with your actions and thoughts.

We are all artists. 

Indeed we are. Paint your life bright with happiness! You can check out Tobi's blog HERE.
She is also offering a cool online e-course titled COLOR YOUR DREAM, color mindset training. CLICK HERE for more info. 
Thank you, Tobi, for your guest post! 

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Tobi Camilli said...

Thank you so much, Maria, for allowing me to paint my colors and words on your blog. We are all artists :)