Sunday, August 2, 2015

Art journaling and some background techniques

Hello lovelies,

I have been doing some art journaling lately, experimenting with a lot of background techniques, which is fun. It's an adventure since you don't know how it will turn out. Art is very forgiving so usually everything turns out ok in the end.

In the two pictures below, I wet my heavy duty journal paper thoroughly with water. Then I used very diluted acrylic paints and dripped them on the water-logged paper. The paints spread in a nice, sometimes subtle way. You can use any craft paints or finer art paints as long as they can be diluted with water. Watercolor paints would work well if you want a more diluted and subtle background.

This is another version on my freebie art tutorial Star Angel. You can get that tutorial HERE.

In the one above, you can really see the background variations. Lots of fun. :)

The one above is a faux crinkled leather background. I used medium spread liberally across the paper, and then I glued tissue paper over it. It's important to crinkle the tissue paper into a ball in your hand, and then spread out the wrinkled paper on the medium. Let dry thoroughly, and paint whatever colors you like. I used some raw umber on my fingertip to brush over the ridges as a last coat to make the creasing more dramatic.

Fantasy flowers on top of decorative paper, which was glued down in my journal.

Just for fun!  Grow wild and free. Hell yeah!!!

What are you working on today?

Please share in the comments.

...because Life happens NOW!



PS. If you're interested in an art journaling ecourse, please check out my Visionary Art Journaling with the six senses HERE.

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This looks like so much fun!