Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where have I been??

That's a good question... I got away from blogging and blog cruising for a while.  I miss it!  I've been making some things, but mostly polymer clay mosaics, so those types you have already seen.  Though, I have a couple of things that are a bit different, a large star box, and a mirror that promotes PEACE!  I thought that was a worthy thing to be reminded of while looking into a mirror.  Peace begins within, with us.  When there's peace within, there will be peace all across the world! 

I've been selling some art pieces and there's a demand on the polymer clay mosaics, so here is the "how to" for the star box I made.  It'll appear in my etsy shop pretty soon.  I'm mostly selling locally, but you never know...

The stamped and painted tiles for the star box.

I painted the lid black to conceal any cracks showing between the tiles, and also to seal the wood.

Trial and error.  The star shape is a challenge!

Voila!  Laid out and glued down.  Yay!  Where there's no space for tiles, I glue down glass beads.

I decided to paint the box itself red.  It was spray painted gold inside and on the bottom.  The inside of the lid is a bright turquoise.

Angel wishes...  BELIEVE they can come true!

I like loud color combinations!  Finished. 

The Peace mirror!  Available in my etsy shop now.  It's difficult to take pictures of mirrors without the camera showing, hands, or inside ceilings.  Did you ever encounter that?  Those trees are some live oaks in my yard.


Sandy @ Kayz Gazebo said...

Maria, You're work and infused messages ALWAYS inspire me ... I NEEDED that today! XO, Sandy

Maria said...

Hey Sandy! Thank you for commenting. I went to your blog and I'm the first to follow. :) You can always write about your healthy lifestyle! I'd love to read about it.

RekindleMe said...

Beautiful, Maria! I just love the color combinations in your pieces!

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I haven't been on much lately, either. I will be changing that soon, though! :)

I hope you have a wonderful week and happy creating!

Kelly said...

Your mosaics are wonderful-- I like loud too! But loud with class is the best :) The star box is gorgeous.
Happy mosaicing ;)