Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 great things about (my) life right now...

I can only see my life from my perspective, but I know we can all relate to the same ideas. This morning I was petting my cat, Bailey, and I had an idea for a blog post.  Why not focus on the positive?  :)  It gives me a lot more joy than being down in the dumps. Joy lasts through the day if we let it...

1)  It makes me happy to slowly pull my hand down Bailey's incredibly soft, newly grown winter fur.  (Yes, they grow winter fur in FL too.)

2)  After six weeks of drought, it rained for two days!  All of nature is smiling around me, and the fresh scent is so intoxicating.

3)  I got a set of almost new Maytag washer and dryer for FREE!

4)  My computer geek friend fixed an ongoing online problem in an hour for FREE and speeded up my computer!

5)  A horse and two goats next door remind me to be grounded every time I walk by (often with slices of bread, which they love.)

6)  I have fabulous friends.  A friend of mine had a scary mammagram result, and she said "I'm amazed at how many friends I have."  I said, "That's because you're such a good friend to others."  (I think she'll be okay.)

7)  Learning new things...

8)  Amazingly beautiful Morning Glories growing on the old wood pile (they are late this year.)

9)  My Vitamix blender that makes great green smoothies, and just about everything else.

10)  People stopping me at the grocery store and asking when the next collage class is happening. :)


RekindleMe said...

Life really is good, isn't it Maria!!?? If we only take the time to find it and believe it!

xoxo Sharon

Kelly said...

i love this post. And your friend is right, it is because you are such a good friend that you have so many friends.
So what do you put in your green smoothies??
It looks like your very open to abundance these days... way to go on the new appliances ;)

Maria said...

Green smoothie: Make your fave raw fruit smoothie with water and add a cup or two of greens (spinach, kale, collard greens, mixed salad greens.)
Spinach is the sweetest and the smoothie still tastes like fruit.