Sunday, January 17, 2010

The devastation of Mr. Frost...

We had an unprecedented cold snap here in Florida recently.  We might have 1 or 2 nights a year of frost, but we had ten nights in a row with frost, some heavy.  Brrrr... Today was a balmy 70 and you can barely remember the cold.  My plants (that were) reminded me.  My spider plants are a sad group.  Maybe they will come back?? 
I put some of my faves inside, and they are vibrant in comparison.  Well anyway, out of death comes life, and spring is around the corner!!! 
The citrus and strawberry farmers around here sprayed water so heavily to protect the crops that the aqua fer got so low we now have sink holes cropping up everywhere, some on major highways.  Strange world...  The aqua fer has been low already due to droughts.  Sometimes I think FL is just a floating island of sand.  My soil is all sand in the garden unless I fortify it. 
Check out the picture of my Christmas cactus!  Isn't she gorgeous.  She lived in my bay window during the cold snap, and so did the Burro's Tail.  Love those plants...





A Creative Dream... said...

You know Maria, I found out last year that, for Christmas cactus to bloom, they have to have a "cold snap", how cold that is I don't know, but I leave mine out until it's almost cold enough to frost, and the last two years it has been gorgeous...somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving. My Grandmother's always bloomed at Easter...I guess they have their own internal clock...yours is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

So sad what a cold snap can do to a plant!
A few years ago, we had a bad freeze too and there was a lot of plant devastation. The Ficus trees really got hit hard.
Your soil is really sandy, while mine is hard clay. I use a pick axe on a regular basis to loosen it up. Talk about your workout!
Love your Christmas cactus!!! My grandmother had one and I always loved it!