Friday, August 21, 2009

Polymer clay mosaic tiles...

Got busy last week and created some more polymer clay mosaic tiles for my mirrors and boxes. It's quite a time consuming enterprise, but it's always satisfying to see the finished product, and the possibilites it presents. This time I went with the shades of blue and turquoise. I will take a picture of the mirror that I made with them. You know how it is, the artwork in one place, the camera in another. I used clay of different colors, but in the end, they all blend in. I find it the easiest to use white clay, unless I want a deep, dark finish. Then I use black clay. Usually, there are three layers of acrylic paint and embossing powder on the tiles.

Happy creating!!




Tammy said...

WOW!! I would love a lesson in how you did those! They are incredible. =)Are they hard to make?

Regarding my necklaces, they are glass tiles and the art is adhered with a diamond glaze. Super fun!

Anonymous said...

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