Thursday, July 23, 2009

Got another collage was fun!

Here's a new collage I just made. I don't know how I felt about the finished portrait of the woman, but then it struck me: "Look Deeper" is the title because when we look behind the trends, the fashions, the looks, the attitudes, the demands of society, we encounter the mystery of our souls. That's where the true I/we live, and our connection to nature is a link that takes us into the wonder of life.
I started on a 12x12 gallery wrapped canvas with wide edges. I do love those; you can paint them in a color that enhances the artwork. Then I glued random paper snippets all over the canvas, careful to make sure the edges were glued down completely.
When dry, I went over parts of it with a wash of paint in different shades.
When that was dry I squirted some glue that gives interesting ridges and patterns when you paint over it when dry. (see picture)
I used acrylic paints to paint the woman, and I glued the glove on and a butterfly and dragonfly from some gift paper I had. A nice glossy varnish finishes off the piece. Varnish adds depth to the artwork.


Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed! :-)



Tammy said...

This is awesome! I love it. Are those pens on the left side of the painting? If so, what kind?

It's a gorgeous piece!

Maria said...

Thank you Tammy! :) Yes, they are Elmer's paint pens. They work very well with collages. Permanent when they dry.