Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Been in a funk lately...

Got a few more pictures of my art journal, but I haven't put any effort into canvases or other media lately. I've been in a funk, but on the good side I have to say I'm working on a book (I used to be a writer until I took a looong hiatus,) and that feels good. It's not as rewarding as seeing paint on paper, but you always wonder where the words come from that paint those pictures on the blank computer screen. The words come from the same place as the inspiration to my art pieces, just different media and more like "hard work."

Check out my picture of a Southern Magnolia blossom. Isn't that just the queen of flowers? They are gone now with the heat. The flowers last about a day on the tree. Then there's a picture of my neighbor Becki standing next to a nine foot thistle--the king of thistles. When the flowers came, it got so top heavy we thought it was going to fall over, but it didn't. Downy seeds flew everywhere.... Then the plant said sayonara; it was done with its mission here. :) We marveled at it for weeks, and it was right by their back door. A nice prickly guardian. Keep creating!


Anonymous said...

I think the funk comes from it being summer and HOT. I know where you are coming from. I find myself in a funk every year at this time. I just want to work in my yard (even though the heat is baking my brain....116 degrees this weekend!). I know I should be working on art to prepare for the busy season, but I just don't want to......and why force it, right? Except, I know to be successful in the "art" world, this kind of attitude keeps me on the back burner (sigh).
Well, hang in there girl! Ooooh, and keep writing....who knew???



Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

I think it's great that you've got an art journal! x