Monday, April 13, 2009

Got a bit of creativity in this last week...

Ye friends,

I'm happy to announce that I finally got some creativity going again. Made some of my mosaic boxes, and these ones are small, about 3" x 3." They are cute that size. I've been doing a lot of other stuff-- painting furniture for one, but I consider that more of a job than a creative outlet. I'm also into art journaling but I don't like any of my entries... But it's fun to start without a plan and see where it leads. Will post some pictures of those soon.


Anonymous said...

Looking GOOD Maria!!!
I was just reading your previous post. So, you had to move huh?? Better location??? Moving is yuckky!

Hugs to you Sweetie!!


Kelly said...

Love them! I love all the symbolism you use in your art. It's inspiring!



Eileen Bergen said...

These are polymer clay!? Wow, you can really make polymer sing. They're beautiful!!