Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last Saturday at the Purple Moon...

I was working at the Purple Moon last Saturday and I got a picture of one of my handbags on the wall there. This one is wildly pomegranety, lemony, orangey, plumish, and pink grapefruit-ish. Ahh, all those fruity flavors.... my mouth is watering. I also got a picture of one of the regular customers and friend, Bill, eating a big slice of red velvet cake. (Don't you just love the name of that cake?) There's live entertainment on weekends, so here's a picture of Jayne Kelli from St. Petersburg. Isn't she gorgeous? She has a voice to match!


Kelly said...

Merry Christmas Maria!! Hope your holidays are wonderful.

Dana Marie said...

Oh I love that bag, Maria!! Simply Gorgeous!!

~ Dana Marie