Monday, December 29, 2008

Flowering broccoli...

'Tis not really the time of year to be talking about flowering broccoli, but that's what happens here in Florida if you don't harvest your broccoli before it "bolts." Part of me regrets not getting my brocco superfresh from the garden, but the other part of me loves the tiny yellow flowers all over the crown. It's also feeding the bees, which are few and far in between (it seems.) If you look closely toward the top of the flower, you'll see the bee.

We've had a very warm December. Hopefully we had our winter in November..., but there's still January to get through. Can you tell I love hot weather...?

I have eggplant going in the garden and my windowsill is full of green tomatoes, that will eventually turn red. I brought them inside when we had a cold snap.

Creative-wise? Have been slacking somewhat, but I sold four bracelets and a handbag last Saturday, and I also got a pretty nice consignment check! The year is going out with a nice bang.
On that note HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you, and may 2009 be a happy and prosperous year!

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Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

great shot! lovely vibrant colours x