Wednesday, June 25, 2008


THE BIRD OF FREEDOM was my take on this picture of a happy bird just doing its thing. I wondered always what it would be like, flying, but I'm afraid of heights.... I always choose the aisle seat on airplanes, though I'm not afraid of flying in the megaton tube per se. It's a miracle how that mass of metal flies anyway... A bird is grace personified.

This painting inspired the big one in the previous post. I wondered what it would look like BIGGER.

My friend Dana said it reminded her of Mexican folk art, and quilt art. Actually, it would lend itself well to a quilt, but that's too much work. And besides, I can't sew as well as I paint, straight lines and all that. Not that this painting has any straight lines except the edges. Lines are there to be painted over or beyond. There is a very good book on how to paint beyond the lines titled Painting From the Source, by Aviva Gold. If you're stuck as an artist, please get that book and work with it. It will bust loose your creative dam for sure! Happy creating,


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