Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hi, my name is Maria and I'm an artist (among other things,) like gardener, shop owner, and butler to His Majesty Bailey, the Cat. I could write a separate blog "by Bailey" but this is an art blog. I love to make art of all forms, but especially painting in acrylics, making mosaics on mirrors and boxes. I use stained glass tile, or polymer clay tiles that I have cut, stamped, painted, and embossed. It's a tricky and time consuming adventure in clay, but the results are always satisfying. As an artist you never know how a project will end. You might have an end result in mind, but halfway thru, the artwork takes on a life of its own... Every artist will tell you that they weren't sure how that dratted cat ended up in the dramatic sunset they were painting, or why the cat was blue along with the purple cat held in the mermaid's arms... Well, honestly, I never painted many sunsets... I have painted a pink beach on occasion, and admittedly a blue cat with white stripes once. If that Blue Dog could make it big, what the heck!

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