Monday, April 21, 2008

Creativity strikes again...


I had a creativity attack yesterday, and I finished one polymer clay embellished box. See above. It has all my favorite colors, blue, turquoise, copper, and a hint of burgundy. Polymer clay is a very friendly and forgiving media to work with. By experimenting you can come up with many great ways to mold it. Perfection some times shows up from a lump of clay... Here are some examples of polymer clay art. Maybe you'll get inspired? I don't use a pasta machine; I roll out the soft clay with a rolling pin, then use a clay blade and various handy tools to make impressions in the clay. It's time consuming, but it's fun to see it grow and turn into a cohesive picture. Color combinations are what make the visual interest.

Bailey is often helping me in my studio by lying right on my work space. His marketing motto for today: Always make sure you're in the center of the action for maximum exposure!

Happy creating! Maria

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