Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Freebie for you!

Hi gorgeous reader,
I have met many aspiring artists who are at a loss how to get started painting.  They may have overcome the "I don't know how to draw" or the "I have no talent" excuses and gathered some art supplies and are ready to go, but they are afraid to start.  I call it the "white page syndrome."  Not that I invented that, but I can relate.  Many a time I have stared at a blank page in my journal or a canvas without any idea what to put there.  Color is always good of course, but shapes can lead to new experiences, and nothing has to be perfect.  So many are waaay too critical of their efforts.  Just remember that most artists started from scratch, literally.
I like to meditate, and it has been a habit of mine for many years.  I decided to give away a simple 10 minute audio art meditation with this newsletter sign up.  I would love to hear what you thought of the audio!  Was it helpful?  Did it inspire you to get into the paints?  You can leave a comment here or on my FB page, HERE.
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Thank you for stopping by!  Happy art-ing. :)

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