Monday, February 17, 2014

A Special Kind of Longing...

I spent the last few days making art, and oh-how-great it felt!  This time I used only paint, working on three canvases simultaneously.  No mixed media in sight, even though I love that style of art.  I painted and doodled and the face showed so much longing that the title became "A Special Kind of Longing" whatever that means in the scheme of things.  I was happy with the wild colors as usual.  This canvas measures 10x10" and has 1.5" sides.  The other two canvases are not finished.

I have created some pieces that never made the blog, so here are some pictures of those:

Some urban birds on a mixed media canvas titled FLY, 12x12"

Old furniture painted with turquoise chalk paint...

A chime without bells.  I made it from recycled lamp parts and LOADS of beads and crystals.  A friend received it for Christmas.

Matchbox mixed media for a swap on the Mixed Media Facebook group.  It went to Canada and I got this lovely altered Altoids tin from artist Lisa Scott in TX:

Isn't that gorgeous??  I love it!  

Besides art, I have been doing some writing.  I started the second book in the Trials of Hallion series: Crystal World.  One thing is for sure; when you multi-task you never get bored. :)

Happy creating in whatever media you love! 

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rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Wow ~ what great creations ~ all of them!