Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Art Show at the Polly Wogg...

Last weekend I took part in an art show/fair at the Polly Wogg Gallery in Hudson, FL.  Lots of fun, but Saturday was cold and windy, and the tent threatened to blow away.  Sunday was a lot warmer and gloriously sunny.  Delicious food by Chef Audry and a great local rock band played.  I took a couple of pictures of my things.  I don't usually do art shows, but this was close to home, and I had a few things I really wanted to sell--spring cleaning and all that.  Sorting through my art I felt compelled to clean my studio.  Yay, it's so much better.  A thrift store is going to get some blank canvases that I will never use. 

Can't wait 'til spring!  The violets are out--the first flower of the season.  I posted pictures of those last spring, so I won't repeat myself. :)  We had severe thunderstorms here today, and a couple of small tornadoes touched down locally.  The trees were dancing with happiness, celebrating the good soaking! 

Patricia Ritter fellow artist and friend, and Jerry Cowling, story teller extraordinaire!

Susan Wolding, owner of the Polly Wogg, and Patricia.

All shells!  By next door artist, Caroline.  These shell creations are amazing!!


A Creative Dream... said...

Maria, as always your art is wonderful! What I wouldn't give to have some of that sun!!!

jinxxxygirl said...

How i wish our little town had art shows and venues like that. How cool! I hope you sold alot! deb