Sunday, October 17, 2010

Art reception at the City Hall...

Had a great time at the art reception, and my art was very well received.  I even heard some people talking about it without knowing that I was the artist.  At least you know they meant it!  :)  As the weather is cooling I'm having more inspiration to work, and my cat is getting friskier.  He ran around like a "mad person" this morning.  My neighbor's cat came in and ate Bailey's food, and then left...  A cat's life. :) 
Here are some pictures from the reception, most of them of local friends, artists mostly. 

 Rhonda Hancock and I.  Rhonda is the director of the City Hall art gallery.   She's also a great watercolor artist.

 Brian Brjibag, photographer.  These pictures were from a mission to Equador.

Jana, Larry, and Diane, and a fantastic quilt.  There's is an ongoing quilt exhibit at the City Hall.

The spread!  OMG!  Supplied by the Brooksville Junior Service League and the drinks and service ware by Hernando Fine Arts Council.

Angles of the mezzanine.  I like angles.  :)  One of my pictures at the very end of the corridor.


Mermaid.  Mixed media collage with polymer clay tiles on the tail.

Karen and Joey.  Karen is a fine watercolorist.
 "Moon Goddess."

 I'm wondering what Lynne was saying. :)  Pastel artist extraordinaire!

"Rainbow Rose." 
"Before the oil spill..."

A great time was had by all, and I'd do it again for sure.  Some of these are going up on etsy for sale.  

 Sitting down....


Barbara Lewis said...

Maria, These are GREAT!!! The colors are so wonderful ... no wonder you're attracted to enamel! I love "Before the OIl Spill." Congratulations!

A Creative Dream... said...

How wonderful Maria! They should love your work, it is just amazing!

Maria said...

Thank you, ladies! It was a magical evening.

RekindleMe said...

Congratulations, Maria! It looks like you had a fantastic evening and you look great! You can tell that everything is falling into place for you - just as it should!! xoxo Sharon

Rhonda Hancock said...

I must give credit to Brooksville Junior Service League for the delicious food. The Fine Arts Council provides the drinks and service-ware, which is important in a civilized society. Thank you for sharing your works at the gallery. You have a unique style that is refreshing to have in the gallery.

Maria said...

Thank you for pointing that out, Rhonda! I will fix it in the blog post.

Kelly said...

LOOK at all your AMAZING art!! Have you ever thought of licensing it?! Greeting cards and stuff... you know?
It looks like it was a magical evening, and I love your blue dress and your long locks. xoKelly

T said...

Wow, no wonder your art had so much good feedback, it is beautiful.