Sunday, June 27, 2010

Collage class!

Vickie and Dana took my collage class last week, and we had lots of fun!  Check out these pictures and the beautiful collages they made.

Vickie putting layers upon layers!

Isn't this gorgeous so far?

Dana really likes 3D!

More layers!

Dana's finished collage that she made for her granddaughter Vegas.

Vickie's collage has a lot of details that her mother likes.  It reminds her of her mom, which is really cool in my opinion!  Everyone finds their own theme as they work through the various layers of paper and paint.

Yesterday, I took part in the peaceful demonstration Hands Across The Sand to stop offshore oil drilling.  I went to the Dunedin causeway beach and about 300 had gathered there, and at the adjoining Honeymoon Island, 200 more had gathered.  People held hands all over the world actually, whether they had beaches or not.  Petitions were signed and will be sent to the White House.  It was great despite the 97 degree heat.  I stood with my feet in the water, wondering how long it'll stay pristine.  Hopefully, for a looooong time, if a way can be found to stem the flow of oil.
I forgot my camera, but here's the Facebook link to Hands Across The Sand, if you want to see some pictures.!/HandsAcrossTheSand?ref=ts

Blessings to all!!

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Kelly said...

Oh how much fun would it be to take a collage class from you-- I'm jealous :)