Sunday, May 9, 2010

Not in the mood!

Everything got out of whack for me with the oil spill in the Gulf, and I'm still really upset about it. How do we move on from here??  I haven't been able to create anything much since.  If feels pointless.

I did however produce some polymer clay mosaic boxes over the weekend, and as they read "miracle box" and "angel wishes," you know what my wish is...  I also painted a load of tiles for future boxes so now my work surface is bare and inviting.  Maybe?  Soon? 

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


Narrative jewelry said...

The boxes are incredibly beautiful Maria, the colours and the patterns too.
Believe everyone is upset by such a disaster like the one in the Gulf, even here in France.

Sara Valor said...

I just love these decorative boxes, very nice!

RekindleMe said...

Faith, my dear friend! These boxes are beautiful and we will all get through this one, perhaps a little wiser! Keep moving, keep hoping, keep praying!

You had mentioned that you were heading out with friends to the beach - look into the eyes of each little creature that you encounter and know that you have made a huge difference! Peace to you!

Maria said...

Thanks all, and your words are so kind, Sharon!

Kelly said...

You'll get there... when your heart hurts it's hard to create isn't it?
The boxes are really gorgeous, and you've made yourself a clean slate to start from again.
P.S.I'm reading the book you recommended, Architecture of Abundance-- it' wonderful, thanks.